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Miscellaneous |

25′ Phone Cord – Bulk
(me ta1309)

Perfect for connecting you phones

25′ SVGA Male to Male
(ev svgacable)

Perfect for connecting  your monitor to your PC

(se 70025)


Dual Gang Plate (White) & Low Voltage Metal Mounting Plate Bracket

2-3/4” W x 1-1/4” D opening. Includes: 1 x dual gang plate, 4 x screws with white painted heads for the gang plate, 1 x low voltage mounting plate bracket, 3 x screws for the plate bracket, instruction manual. Bagged.

Null Modem Cable (Crossover Cable)
(fd dbpff-n)

  • Female both ends

Perfect for data transfer for devices such as certain GPS.

Serial Cable (Straight Trough Cable)
(fd dbpff-s)

  • Female Both ends .

Programming cable used in satellite industry for transferring data from PC to end device.