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Cable Splitters |

2-way Splitter 5-900mhz bulk
(tr cosp2)

  • CATV splitter
  • 2-way splitter

2-way Switch
(ee ph61007)

Allows a choice between two signal sources, such as Cable TV or Antenna, with the flip of a switch. Gold for quality construction.

3-way Splitter
(tr cosp3)

  • 5-900mhz bulk
  • CATV splitter
  • 3-way splitter

4-way Splitter
(ee m61002)

is a four-way splitter for coaxial cable.

4-way Splitter
(tr cosp4)

  • 5-900mhz bulk
  • CATV splitter
  • 4-way splitter

Splitter, 3-Way APP 2-2300 Mhz
(p10 pv23303)

  • 1 input
  • 3 output passive splitter

Splitter, 4-Way APP 2-2300 Mhz.
(p10 pv23304)

  • 1 input
  • 4 output power pass splitter