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DIRECTV SWM 8-Way Splitter – 2-2150MHz
(hllnd swsstr8)

This 8-way, DIRECTV brand SWM splitter allows you to fully utilize the eight tuners worth of data in your SWM system. For use with DIRECTV SWM LNB or SWM 8 or SWM 16 products. One port is power passing. Mountable.

(dpp separator)

Allows you to run a dual-tuner receiver/PVR with a single COAX

Holland 2-Way Splitter Diode
(hllnd hfs2)

The Holland HFS-D Series high frequency splitters have been designed for residential and commercial applications. The diode protected circuitry allows the DC power to pass from any output port to the input port and prevents DC back-feeding.

Magnavox 4-Way Splitter
(ee m61002)

Splits 1 coaxial cable into 4

Omega 5-2400MHz 2.4GHz 3-Way High Frequency Splitter
(jmk splitter)

Retail: $9.99
Splits a coaxial cable signal for up to 3TVs, VCRs, etc. Digital ready for splitting satellite or digital cable signals. Frequency range: 5MHz – 2.4GHz, indoor/outdoor. Retail packaging.
90-Day Warranty

Philips 3-Way Splitter

Retail: $9.99
Splits one coax signal into two or three. Recommended for standard cable installations. Die cast body for low signal interference. 5-900MHz. Model: SDV2001W/27

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