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King-Dome Stationary Auto (2000 Series) Satellite Antennas
(ki kd2000)


Just park and push a button to get all of your favorite satellite TV channels – fully automatic operation. With completely automatic satellite acquisition, all you need to do is decide what to watch! Just park, press a button and within minutes you have all of your favorite channels at your fingertips. Provides a seamless program guide for all available channels and automatically switches satellites when you select a new channel on a different satellite. Use with Dish Network HD programming to get the most available HDTV channels nationwide. Fully compatible with both Eastern and Western arc satellite trios and is easily configured from the control panel – no need to remove the dome cover. The 2000 series is also upgradeable to in-motion should your needs change over time.

Key Satellite Antenna Features: One touch operation Latest DVB technology for positive satellite ID, Automatic satellite switching by simply changing channels, Dual LNB for two receivers, Fully compatible with Dish Network HDTV (Eastern & Western Arcs), Works with DirecTV, Dish Network and Bell TV standard digital signals. Satellite TV Service Provider Compatibility: DIRECTV* – 101, 119, DISH 500 – 110, 119, DISH 1000 HD – (110, 119, 129) and (61, 72, 77), Bell TV – 91, Bell TV HD – 82, 91, King-Dome Systems are compatible with Dish Network and Bell TV HDTV programming. *These antennas do not receive DIRECTV HD programming from Ka band signals on satellites 99 and 103, *Not compatible with DirecTV SWM satellite receiver equipment.

Live Satellite TV Anywhere
(ki vq4200)

The KING Quest offers fast, effortless and reliable connection to your favorite Bell TV channels while RVing, camping, tailgating enjoying a backyard BBQ or time at the cabin. A single coax cable connects the antenna to your satellite receiver for quick and easy setup. Once connected, just press a button and the antenna automatically locks on the satellite in minutes bringing your favorite channels to your outdoor adventures.

• Automatic satellite acquisition

• Powered over coax (no separate power cable to antenna)

• Roof mountable (no additional brackets required

• Supports multiple TV viewing

• Built-in handle for easy transport

(wine sk1000)

BELL TV DISH Network’s premier reflector dish used for home systems. Receives all DISH Network standard and HD programming from KU-band satellites 110º, 119º and 129º simultaneously. Also receives Bell TV satellites 82º and 91º for all standard and HD programming.

The solution for Canadian RVers. Receives programming from KU-band satellites 107º and 111º simultaneously.

Satellite TV in your RV is as easy, flexible and enjoyable as it is in your home with the Winegard TRAV’LER® automatic multi-satellite antennas.

Unlike dome, portable and crank up antennas that view a single satellite at a time, TRAV’LER antennas are able to view multiple satellites simultaneously to provide you with the most comprehensive viewing experience available.

Manufacturer Approved Reflectors
Made with certified and approved reflectors from satellite providers, these antennas provide the highest signal strength on the market to give you everything DIRECTV®, DISH Network® and Shaw Direct™ have to offer.

Watch programming from 3 satellites, all at the same time, just like in your home. No more toggling! No extra switches or converters needed.

Easy one-button operation. Simply power the system on to automatically locate desired satellites

Compatible with virtually any receiver, including HD and DVR receivers. Connects to up to 4 receivers

  • Stows to  9.75”
  • Tolerates a roof slope of +/- 5°, no leveling needed.
  • For stationary use only.

Winegard Roadtrip T4 In-Motion Automatic RV Satellite Dome for Bell TV/Dish/Direct TV

Smaller & quieter than previous Winegard in-motion satellite antennas. This sleek, compact unit is ultra lightweight, with the smallest footprint & requires minimal roof space. New motors & updated tracking algorithms reduce noise levels & improve tracking capabilities.

Fully automatic roof mounted antenna with one button on/off operation
Watch LIVE programming while traveling down the road using your existing receiver
Quiet system with improved tracking – updated design reduces noise & improves tracking
Winegard’s smallest in-motion antenna – requires minimal roof space & no storage space

Two coaxial outputs for two receiver or dual tuner DVR usage. Satellite Providers. DISH: Standard & HD – DIRECTV: Standard – BellTV: Standard & HD

Colour: White – Unit Weight: 190lbs
Diameter 14.3″
height: 13.5″
Elevation Range 18-65
Azimuth: 0 – 416 degree
Maximum Receiver Capability: 2

RoadTrip T4 In-Motion Satellite Antenna
3 Mounting Feet
25′ RG-6 Coax Cable & 25′ Power Cable
Printed Documentation

Wineguard Crank up Satellite
(wine rm-dm46)

White crank-up RV digital satellite system is easy to install and operate. LNB attaches to a folding feed support; lift assembly has an operating radius of 17″. Antenna raises rotates or lowers to travel position using hand crank inside the RV. Control parts are molded plastic. Fits on almost any RV and weighs less than 13 lbs. RM-DM46 includes Digital Magic Sensor. Space needed for installation is only 31″ x 20″; antenna raised 30″ maximum; travel position 8″.