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Carryout Portable Satellite Antenna Tripod Mount
(wine tr-1518)

Winegard Carryout portable satellite antenna tripod mount easily assembles and disassembles. Adjustable height and leveling settings (14.5″ – 22″). Sturdy mount, ground anchor / bungee. Also compatible with VuQube portable satellite TV antennas.

Digital Magic Add-on Kit
(wine dm-4000)

Add Digital Magic satellite location to your Winegard® crank-up dish to find the satellite quickly and easily

Elevation sensor gives the exact elevation of the antenna on an LCD readout mounted inside your RV. Accurate to within 2°, even when the vehicle is not level. Sensor installs on antenna elevating tube. Includes 20′ of 3-conductor cable. Requires 12-volt power source or 9-volt battery.

Winegard Ladder Mount for Winegard Carryout
(wine gm3000)

  • for Carryout Satellite Dome GM-3000

Mount your Carryout Automatic Portable antenna to the RV ladder for temporary or permanent installation. Weather resistant E-coat mount features quick-disconnect, so you can remove your Carryout antenna and set it on the ground or take it with you anywhere! Comes with wall plate with on/off switch for convenient operation from inside the coach, cable entry plate, 50′ coax and 50′ power cable.