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LNB's |

ANGEL Universal Standard Single linear LNBF
(an lnbstandsig (ang-lss01))

  • Input: 11.70-12.20GHz
  • Output: 950-2150MHz
  • L.O.: 10.75
  • Noise: 0.3dB
  • Gain: 55dB

Circular Dual LNBF
(dss lnbdual 88-1010)

DBS / Circular Dual LNBF
DSS / DBS / Circular LNB for DIRECTV, Echostar and Nimiq satellites (61.5, 82, 91, 101, 110, 119, 129, 148)

Circular Quad LEGACY D-Style *REFURB*
(fd lnbquadb)

A Legacy Quad LNB (four outputs) or Legacy Twin (two output) LNB allows the user to connect two or up to four satellites. These LNBs require a Dish 500 or upgrade dish (For Bell Express vue.) This Satellite dish has a Y or Yoke Adapter that allows to sit this big size LNB to it. The Dish 500 points two different Satellites in space. The following picture shows how this LNB looks like: What makes these Legacy LNBs so unique they both have SW21 switches build in it. What does that means for you? Well, it allows you to pick up two simultaneous satellites using one single cable. This is the beauty of these LNBS. What satellites can these LNBS point to it? You can get either Dish Network 110W & 119W simultaneous or Bell Expess Vue 91W and 82W; or you could even get Bell Express Vu 91W and Directv 101W. This last ones requires a bit more skill to tune it up, since you have to manipulate the satellite skew to get both.

P/N: 214-500-454

DPP 44 Switch

Must be used with DPP product

Runs 4 Single or 4 Dual Tuners

DPP Separator

Allows you to run a dual-tuner receiver/PVR with a single COAX

Eaglestar PRO Circular Twin Linear LNBF – 118/119
(aa 5345532)

  • Input: 11.70-12.75GHz
  • Output: 950-2000MHz
  • L.O: 10.75GHz
  • Noise: 0.3dB
  • Gain: 58dB

(rt lnbd)

It works with all circular polarization ku band satellites.
Great choice for

  • Bell ExpressVu 82 or 91,
  • Echostar 3 (Dishnetwork 61.5),
  • Echostar 6/8 (Dishnetwork 110),
  • Echostar 7 (Dishnetwork 119),
  • All DirecTV,
  • All Bell ExpressVu and other Linear Polarity satellites.

It works with all FTA satellite, Bell ExpressVu, and Dish Network Receivers.

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