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20dB In-Line Amplifier
(pro a0920)

20dB in-line amplifier (sloping), 450-2400MHz, 15 VDC. White box


The Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier will amplify signals received by your antenna. This antenna amplifier is a medium gain, low noise preamplifier used to allow weaker signals at the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength, and is ideal for installations in which broadcast towers are located at widely varying distances.

The Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier is a two part unit, an outdoor amplification unit which is mounted on the mast of your antenna system and an indoor unit which powers the outdoor amplification unit. The indoor unit is stationed indoors and connects to the outdoor unit via coaxial cable.

What’s Included
Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier
Power inserter
Power adapter
Coaxial cable
User Guide
Improves signal quality
Decreases pixilation
May increase number of channels
Ultra low noise
Gain – 16 dB
Selectable FM signal pass-through
Heavy duty rating for outdoor use
Mast mounted for close proximity to antenna

Power supply input voltage 120v AC-60Hz, 100 mA
Power supply output voltage 15v DC, 300 mA
Impedance (Input and Output) 75 Ohm
Connector F-type
Frequency range 30 – 1002 MHz
Gain 16dB
Noise figure typically less than 2dB
UL listed Yes
RoHS compliant Yes
Input return loss <-15 Output return loss <-15 Max input level 34 dBmV Max output level 50 dBmV FM trap 88-108 MHz; >15dB
Power consumption <5W Operating temperature -40 C to 60 C Weight (packaging) 2.0 lb Size (packaging) 3.3L x 5.3W x 7.8H in U-Bolt Diameter (Included) 1.875 in

Channel Master Titan2 VHF/UHF Preamplifier with Power Supply
(tr cm7777)

Why a pre-amp instead of a one piece amplifier? Pre-amplifiers have an advantage over ordinary one-piece units as the amplifier is mounted near the antenna itself, thus eliminating amplification of unwanted noise and other types of interference that are present on your coax cable line. Another advantage is a lower noise figure, which results in cleaner, stronger signals. Power is provided to the amplifier via your existing coaxial cable, so no additional wiring is necessary. Easy to install, and comes with standard 75 ohm input/output connections.

  • UHF Gain  26dB
  • UHF Noise Figure 2.0dB
  • VHF Gain 23dB
  • VHF Noise Figure 2.8dB FM Trap Yes – switchable Connections
  • 2-75 ohm inputs
  • 1-75 ohm output

Skywalker 25dB Amplifier VHF/UHF/FM w/ Variable Gain

Skywalker Signature Series 25dB Amplifier VHF/UHF/FM w/variable gain
Enjoy the control of Variable Gain with up to 25dB of gain in the V/U/Fm band. Our Signature Series 25dB Amplifier is powered by a 120 volt AC and connections are standard F type. It also features an on/off light, heavy metal housing, low interference and noise, and adjustment gain control.

Skywalker AV Supply
Different from most, we private label and manufacture a wide range of custom AV products & tools tailored to the custom installer. Your success is our success. That’s why, our house brand is designed to bring great products to our dealers all at an affordable price. With Skywalker, you get more than products; you get a brand you can rely on.

Bandwidth 47-1000MHz
Maximum Input VHF 40dB MV / UHF 20dB MV
Gain VHF 25dB / UHF 21dB
54-300Mhz 25dB
300-806Mhz 22dB
900Mhz 18dB
Noise Figure VHF 6dB / UHF 8dB
Gain Control 10dB
Power Consumption approximately 2.4 watts
Power Requirements 117VAC 60Hz or 220VAC
Main Housing Dimensions 5.5in L x 3.25in W x 1.5in H
End Mount Tab to End Mount Tab 6.75in
Height from bottom of housing to top of “F” connectors 2in
Weight 1 lb

UHF/VHF/FM TV Antenna Amplifier with Integrated LTE Filter
(hamza lte-2)

VHF and UHF bands combined amplification
Gain: VHF 30 dB – UHF 30 Db
Includes a switchable FM trap
Outdoor rated housing
Shipping Weight: 1 kg / 2 lbs

Winegard LNA-200 Low Noise Amp
(wine lna200)

-Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 4.75″
-10x more power handling
-TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals
-Bandpass filters remove interfering RF signals
-Installs on any outdoor non-amplified TV antenna
-Maximum Gain (typical): 18 dB
-Noise Figure (typical): 1dB
-Power: +5V at 130mA